Monday, May 09, 2005

a little later

tis a little later and im out side sun is setting and it is really peaceful. i like these moments magpies in the cherry tree take it in turns to up down and grab some of the bird food mum put down, they seem to act like it is a dare. I hate hate the pop ups that say "computer id 2j34j23 you are a winner." yeah and you are special! now leave me alone! arg. what going on ay? im not really sure at the moment, all is well, strange no?

General thoughts of the day, from around 11 onwards.

Today i have done what?
Got up.
Had coffee.
Ironed Andy's work shirt and trousers.
Shaved a jumper. (for more details on what that entails please ask.)
Had cig with Andy who then went to work.
Went on computer to:
*Look at jobs
*Down load songs for Andy. 22 of them.
*Write songs on to disks. 3 of them 1 for Andy one for his friend Paul and another for his brother Keith. How ever the C.D. writer on the laptop does not work so i had to put them on to an mp3 player and transfer them to the big computer. c.d. writer on there is temperamental took 5 attempts to get it to work, this ruined 5 c.ds before I even started. Never mind.
*To look up tabs for songs which Andy did not manage to get yesterday, not sure how many.
*look up how much intensive driving lessons are for Andy.
*look into what would need to be checked on a Renault Clio if he wanted to buy one.

Then went across the road to put money in the bank for Andy. £100.
Had cigarette. (Have not eaten yet better have some coffee.)
Look on the internet for hardwood for a guitar.
Help dad with food, he does not know how to make vegan batter for toad in the hole.
Have cup of coffee, hazelnut flavour, two spoons of coffee, two spoons of sugar with lots of Soya milk. (Damn it all I’ve had so far to day, its 4 o'clock.)
Look for jobs, maybe receptionist? Look good.

Where has the day gone?..... Was sunny earlier, bit dull now. Talking to some guy on the internet, he has been on my contact list for a year, had not talked to him before today. When was he added? Told me about the spider that attacked him, I told him about my new pet snake, don’t think he likes snakes. Asked him if he knew any thing about nor do I. I would like to know, and talks about them a lot, would like to know what he is on about. I nod my head and repeat a sentence he said on the subject a couple of weeks ago. I hope it means what I think it does. Why do I want to seem like I under stand? Really I should just ask him to explain. I think he likes telling me about things like that, i just like it when he is talking to me. Not that I don’t enjoy telling him about things that interest me it just that he might not want to know, used to try to talk about psychology but I did not know much about it despite my two years of lessons. Which made that a less that interesting topic to talk on. We did talk about philosophy though, which was very interesting as he had some good ideas on that. My good Monty is a fat cat. Hope he never dies.